Appearance of a virtual guide for soldering!
Steve Honda, a virtual guide to soldering, makes an appearance! Introducing Japan Unix products, topics, and industry information!
Why Japan Unix?
Japan Unix has professional soldering solutions with high-quality, stable and efficient production.
Here are some of initiatives that drive Japan Unix's customer support.
Soldering Robot List
The Future Connected by Automated Soldering Robots
Japan Unix provides a variety of soldering automation solutions worldwide.
Toyota Motor Corporation Officially Adopts IPC as its Soldering Appearance Standard
We interviewed a person in charge of the Control Electronics System Development Department about the purpose, background, and aims of the project.
Shorts for Case Studies
Discover the fascinating world of precision and technology with our latest short videos! Dive into a visual journey showcasing the art of soldering and innovative robotics on our captivating hero header page.
Automated Soldering Robot to the Future
For the future with an automatic soldering robot,
Japan Unix provides a variety of soldering automation solutions worldwide.

What’s new


Our products are optimized for soldering quality, stable manufacturing and MES systems.


As a global leader in the soldering industry, we are based in Tokyo, Japan and operate branch offices globally, committed to successful customer experience by providing innovative solutions to industrial customers.

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We support the activities of the IPC and introduce the international standards to domestic companies in Japan.

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Learn from our case studies of IPC and latest soldering technologies for the automotive and FA equipment in domestic and overseas manufacture.


You can gain knowledge and know-how about soldering techniques from a wide range of useful information from video tutorials and documentation.