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Gantry Soldering Platform: GF Series

Evolving into a flexible gantry platform while keeping the usability of the best-selling desktop robot.
It’s the best for mass production line as well as a large size printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA).

  • Gantry Contact Soldering System (4 axes)

    Gantry Contact Soldering System  (4 axes)
  • Gantry Laser Soldering System (3 axes)

    Gantry Laser Soldering System (3 axes)

Examples of installation

  • Conveyor line

    Conveyor line

  • Dual stage

    Dual stage


  • Equipped with 4-axis/3-axis orthogonal robot
  • Available for two soldering methods.
    Contact (iron tips) soldering or Laser soldering
  • Simple and Easy
    Integrated an user friendly teaching program, designed for soldering
  • Numerous add-on, options
    Changeable shaft length, image processing, thermometer, QR scanner and many more
  • Expanding to Max. 6 axes with two additional axes can be added (option)
  • Soldering Manager (PC software)
    can deliver easy teaching, operational monitoring and process data saving

Soldering Manager (sample image)

Soldering Manager (sample image)

To begin with Soldering IoT from the operational fields

Soldering Manager monitors the status of the soldering robot and automatically collects and stores process data.
These data can be used in various ways. This is the very first step to start soldering IoT without special skills.

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