UNIX-GF Series

Gantry Soldering Robot

Evolving into a flexible gantry platform
while keeping the usability of the best-selling desktop robot.

UNIX-GF series has evolved into a flexible gantry-type soldering platform.
Ideal for introduction into production lines and for automated soldering to large boards.


Equipped with 4-axis/3-axis gantry robot

The inline robot can operate with the same intuitive teaching method as the DF series.

  • Follows the functions of the DF series of desktop automated soldering robots
  • Feeder and optional units used in the desktop-type DF series can be used as is
  • Compatible with both iron soldering and laser soldering methods
  • Up to 2 additional axes can be added (option)
Soldering Manager ※オプション

Visualizing process management

Enhanced communication network functions for outputting and storing soldering-related data

  • Real-time monitoring and record keeping of soldering information.
  • External command control for editing and setting soldering conditions, etc.

Learn more about Soldering Manager

Examples of applications for orthogonal soldering robots.

Conveyor line

Two stages

Standard Configuration

Common Equipments for Both Methods (iron tips/lasers)

Main Body of a Robot

Robot Controller

Soldering Controller

Standard Feeder

*Choose either one.

Clean Cut Feeder

*Choose either one.

Iron Tip Soldering

Soldering Head/Heater

Lock-on Mechanism for Iron Tips

Cleaner Box

*Choose either one.

Cleaner Box

*Choose either one.

Laser Soldering

Laser Soldering Controller Unit

Laser Head


Common Items for Both Methods (iron tips/lasers)

Soldering Manager

Image Position Correction
Vision Sensors

Solder Remain Level Sensor

Switch Box

Iron Tip Soldering

Soldering Iron Tester

Brush Cleaner

Tip Position Corrector

Laser Soldering

Lock-on Mechanism for Laser

Temperature Management and Control System
Thermo Pro™

Consumables (soldering tips)

Select the suitable one from over 2,500 types
Selecting right soldering tip is the key for qualified outcomes.
The tip must be selected based on a variety of factors, such as circuit board material, components and their size.
Japan Unix has a wide range of high-performance iron tips developed for automation.
Manufacturer custom orders are also available for exclusive works.

Counterfeit soldering tips are being found over the Internet and unauthorized dealers, etc., please be careful not to be deceived by such tactics.
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