NO JIGS REQUIRED! Complete integration of part insertion and soldering

Our UNIVERSE Series automatically selects, eliminates errors, inserts, and solders components. It skips the need to use jigs or turn substrates over. The process is now completely integrated and automated. Universe enables production line run 24h/7d with very limited or even without labor resource. Universe is applied with laser soldering module ,however iron tips soldering is also available.

Achieved almost no error

Reduced cycle time and occupied space to 1/3

Significant increase in productivity, units per hour (UPH)

Component pick

Quality measure and insertion

Soldering components


1. Insertion
2. Jig setup
3. Turnover
4. Soldering


1. Insertion
2. Soldering


Just one process brings numerous benefits.

Reference Videos

Soldering automation
Universe, complete integration from insertion to soldering

Full view of the UNIVERSE in action: selecting, inserting and soldering components at once

Soldering automation
The bottom feature of Universe

The bottom 6-axis robot picks, verifies errors and inserts with vision sensor