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  • Soldering robot management software

    To begin with Soldering IoT from the operational fields
    – Soldering Manager

    It is very important for the managers at the installation site to grasp and record the situation for the equipment at all times. However, it is difficult to keep monitoring the equipment in operation and the investigation for the cause after the problem occurs are not easy.
    Soldering Manager monitors the status of the soldering robot and automatically collects and stores process data.
    These data can be used in various ways. This is the very first step to start soldering IoT without special skills.

  • Soldering robot management software

Samples of soldering process data

  • ・At maintenance:Alarm history of robot/heater, correction records of the iron tip position
  • ・In operation:PCB identity code, LOT number, heater temperature, feeder records, tip shot counts
  • ・Process data:The # of tip shots, number of cycles, the amount of solder feed for single cycle or total cycles, total operational hours and so on.
  • ※In addition, other data can be also acquirable. Please contact us for details.

Software interface

Software interface




    To connect computers, camera modules and thermometer to the robot.

  • 矢印


    To store automatically process data in operation or during maintenance mode.

  • 矢印


    To convert numeral data such as soldering temp. into graphical info.

  • 矢印


    To store both numerical data and video dat.a (CSV format and MPEG-4 format)

  • 矢印


    To archive all of process records and to utilize historical data.

  • 矢印


    To reconnect soldering data with external devices via global standards such as IPC CFX, SEMI and Hermes.

Standard configuration

  • Soldering Manager software

    Soldering Manager software

  • Camera connection kit for Soldering Manager (USB camera, bracket, USB hub and cables)

    Camera connection kit for Soldering Manager (USB camera, bracket, USB hub and cables)

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