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Laser soldering robot

The technology makes possible automation where previously not practical.

Technology is evolving quickly. Mainstream is no longer applicable as evidenced by the emergence of ultrafine electronic circuit boards and multi-layered electrical components. Laser makes possible ultrafine area and other types of soldering that are difficult using tip soldering, which drives enormous advantages. Before adoption of new technology, read laser soldering method to understand differences from contact soldering method.

LASER SOLDERING ROBOT (standard configuration)

Operation and control

  • Features

    • Visible shooting position*

    • Coaxial CCD camera*

    • ・Software controlled shutter
    • 30W, 45W (optional 15W, 75W )

    • Level 4 laser classification, requires safety cover.

    • * Patented
  • Application sample (SCARA robot)

    Application sample (SCARA robot)

  • Application sample (Desktop robot)

    Application sample (Desktop robot)

  • Controller


  • Oscillator


  • Laser soldering head

    Laser soldering head

Exposure Position Mark for laser soldering

  • Line Type

    Exposure position marks

  • Square Type

    Exposure position marks

Both above exposure position marks for laser soldering and coaxial observation system for specifically laser soldering are our owned technical patents.
Patent Number: No. 2000-191109
*Please note that we HAVE NOT loaned or given permission to other companies to use this.
*We DO NOT tolerate for any patent infringement

Laser soldering mechanism

Contact soldering method,”Thermal conduction” and “surface heat generation” for laser have different heating principles. Both laser and soldering characteristics must be understood and well-handlled, otherwise the advantages of each method won’t be realized. The first main is to use it with careful consideration about heat application conditions. It is actually an established technique, and depending on the way it is used.

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Other laser soldering solutions to meet extra requirements

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