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Inline soldering robot, SCARA


Speed Linearity Flexibility

Supports massive production with fast circular motion

The 5-axis SCARA soldering robot for inline, UNIX-700FH features a fast maximum speed of 7,128 mm/sec with high repeatability, accuracy and rigidity. The 700FH features an adjustable stroke length of 350 mm, 450 mm, and 550 mm. This robot is suitable for the laser soldering and contact soldering which can be applied with various soldering module. The SCARA type soldering robot can satisfy the mass manufacturing with fast robotic motion


STANDARD CONFIGURATION (for tip soldering)

  • Soldering controller

    Soldering controller

    Centralized control of all parameters

  • Solder feeder

    Solder feeder

    Provides highly accurate feeding

  • Soldering head

    Soldering head

    For point and linear soldering

  • Soldering tip cleaner

    Soldering tip cleaner

    Air blow type

  • Heater and temp. regulator

    Heater and temp. regulator

    CA sensor built-in special heater

  • Angle sensor for solder wire

    Angle sensor for solder wire

    Improves feeding reproducibility

  • Teaching pendant

    Teaching pendant

    Simple and easy for anyone

CONSUMABLES (soldering tips)

Select the suitable one from over 2,500 types

Selecting right soldering tip is the key for qualified outcomes.
The tip must be selected based on a variety of factors, such as circuit board material, components and their size.
Japan Unix has a wide range of high-performance iron tips developed for automation.
Manufacturer custom orders are also available for exclusive works.


Counterfeit soldering tips are being found over the Internet and unauthorized dealers, etc., please be careful not to be deceived by such tactics.

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Combining our rich array of add-on functions to make things faster, shorter, better quality and accuracy.

  • Laser Unit

    Non-contact soldering using laser

  • High Precision Feeder

    Supports ultra-fine soldering

  • Vision Sensor

    Automatic image correction for precise soldering

  • Tip Position Corrector

    Automatically adjusts soldering position

  • Clean Cut Feeder

    Significantly reduces flux spatter and solder balls

  • Lock-on Mechanism

    Prevents the feeding slippage


[ADDRESS]: 2-21-25, Akasaka, Minato city, Tokyo, JAPAN


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