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Achieving “double-speed” with new optical laser configuration

Less than 0.3 sec per point.
A new, integrated laser soldering system that can do anything from SMT to through-hole soldering with unbelievable speed. Flash soldering is not only saving power consumption but also leaving maintenance hours.

Achieving “Double-Speed” for your soldering
Flash laser soldering system, equipped with coaxial camera
UNIX-FS Series

Patent pending



    Achieved unbelievable speed.

    Less than 0.3 sec /point

    ・New laser shooting mechanism installed
    ・Twice as fast as regular laser
    ・100 points soldering in less than 30 seconds
    ・Significantly enhancing productivity:
     Regular laser:< 0.5 sec/point
     Flash laser:< 0.25 sec/point



    Integrated soldering process

    for both solder paste and wire

    ・Integrating pre and post soldering* are possible
    ・A Coaxial camera follows actual soldering work scenes
    ・Simple setup and operation with direct teaching
    ・Automatic correction and error detection (coming soon)



    Compact enough to allow free-design

    Space & power saving

    ・Fits into any system scale
    ・Succeeded to reduce space with fixing soldering work area
    ・Saves space and power consumption compared to flow and reflow machines
    ・Integrated pre- and post-processing*

    *Results might be different based on conditions

Scenes Showing Use of Flash Soldering

  • Partial reflow with solder paste

  • Solder ball reworking

  • Soldering to micro wires

  • SMD and discreet


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