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[Management principle] Constant pursuit of safety, reliability and consistency

These are the unchanging beliefs we have held since the time of our founding.
We promise continuous growth through the constant pursuit of safety, reliability and consistency to our clients and partners, employees and families, and society and consumers.

[Corporate vision] To continue to be recognized by manufacturers around the world as the best soldering partner with the original technology

Since our founding in1974, we have embraced times of transition and change. Our soldering technology has continued to evolve as it supported, and was supported by, Japan’s tradition of craftsmanship. This technology is now in demand throughout the world. We strive to lead the world into the future with our soldering technology which was born in Japan.

[Our values] Original ideas allow our soldering technology to always be one step ahead

We always stay one step ahead in order to remain the true standard.
Since start-up, Japan Unix has consistently provided solutions to customers through soldering technology. We strictly avoid imitation to offer service that isn’t available elsewhere through our original technology and rich experience. In addition, we are never satisfied by what currently exists, instead aiming for ever more user friendly and better quality products through our pursuit of continuous improvement and further challenges. We offer genuine solutions that can only be provided by us. These are the values that we deliver to the world.

[Our mission] Pushing the world’s soldering technology forward and promoting its development

To achieve this, we are continually producing a large number of skilled professionals who are passionate to take on challenges. We also work to promote the evolution of soldering technology. We do this in order to create ever better products for our customers and to bring ever greater service to people all over the world.

[Code of conduct] Take action while bearing one’s principles in mind during one’s everyday routine

Our code of conduct

  • JAPAN UNIX code of conduct – 10 rules
  • 1. Never lie or be selfish
  • 2. Abide by the society’s rules as well as proper manners and etiquette
  • 3. Do not flatter those above you, or look down on those below you
  • 4. Don’t abandon people facing difficulties
  • 5. Make sure to keep your promises, and don’t let your words and actions be inconsistent
  • 6. Be humble and don’t gossip or cause people trouble
  • 7. Discipline yourself to avoid doing things that you dislike having done to you
  • 8. Once you have decided to do something, keep a strong spirit that does not give in the face of difficulty
  • 9. Have a heart that is strong but is able to have sympathy for others
  • 10. Have a heart that is considerate and that is able to appreciate nature and elegance
(Source: Izumi self-improvement rules for young Samurai – These teachings originated in a Samurai village in Kagoshima prefecture, where they were taught to youths to help them become Samurai. they are still known to many people for their impressive depth as teachings which show a mindset that can still be embraced by people living in today’s world.)
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