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1974 Established Developed soldering tip and heater
Achieved the world’s first 3m/m superfine CA sensor

1984 Noborito factory

1979 Developed “two-axis soldering robot (SOLMAC)”
and began sales

1985 Moved HQ to Akasaka, Tokyo

1985 Successful development of
the “five-axis soldering robot (Unix-511)”

1993 Osaka branch office
1993 Nagoya branch office

1988 Release new “five-axis point soldering series (UNIX-521)”

1999 Rewarded from the governor of Tokyo
1999 Certified from the Ministry of International Trade in Industry

1994 Released “UNIX-531E III Developed early model of the “Unix-411″ desktop type”

1999 Office in Seoul, South Korea

1999 Developed the world’s best soldering unit (LS-5TPS III)
Support for lead-free solder

2000 Kumamoto Technology Center

2002 Started desktop soldering robot “410R Series” Developed the world’s first laser soldering system

2005 Office in Shenzhen, China
2006 Opened office in Penang, Malaysia

2005 Released the laser system “LS Series” with conveyer

2008 Opened office in Taipei, Taiwan
2012 A soldering lab branch annex (Tokyo)
2012 Began collaborative R&D with the city of Tokyo

2013 Office in Guadalajara, Mexico

2009 Developed and began selling the bleeding-edge “700 Series”
Developed UNISONIK, the ultrasonic soldering system
Successfully developed “UNIVERSE S,” a fully automated dual-arm soldering robot
Pioneered 15W low power and 75W high power laser soldering
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