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JAPAN UNIX – Always Master Soldering
When Japan Unix was founded in 1974 by Shozo Kono, the company developed soldering tips and hand soldering solutions. But from the very beginning, the founder had his sights set on the future. Anticipating developments like automation and agile manufacturing, the company five years later created SOLMAC, the world’s first soldering robot.

Japan Unix Corporate Film, corporate principles

The behind story of "Care for tomorrow"

Japan Unix is the leading company in the global soldering industry, who has developed the history of soldering robot (robotic soldering) and laser soldering.

The film introduces how the company was established and grew in the last 45 years. This presents the world first soldering robot, developed in the late 1970's.

This video is to share firm reasons why we exist for customers, consumers, society and all of stake holders.

Spirit of Innovation

Since then, Japan Unix has always been at the fore-front of innovation. This pioneering vision, together with a long-term outlook, enabled the family-owned company to overcome challenging times and adapt to new industry needs. In 2002, Japan Unix introduced the first laser soldering solution, the 410R Series. And with the digitalization ushering in more intricate and complex manufacturing processes, the company is pursuing ways to combine their soldering solutions with broader trends like IoT and artificial intelligence.

Putting Customers First

A strong will to move forward, an uncompromising attitude towards quality, and an emphasis on kindness and respect are deeply engrained in Japan Unix’s culture. This can be traced back to the founding family’s samurai ancestry, which still influences the company’s values today. Japan Unix always pushes for soldering excellence and wants to exceed customer expectations. Following the Kaizen spirit, the company is continuously trying to improve and to raise the bar on customer satisfaction and quality.

Your Soldering Partner

Wherever products are being manufactured, soldering is likely a step in the production process – be it consumer electronics, cars, or medical devices. Japan Unix continues to keep up with new technologies and combines them with more than 40 years of soldering experience. With its cutting-edge soldering solutions, Japan Unix is aiming to be the soldering partner for companies of all sizes and around the world. Whatever soldering challenge a company or industry is facing, Japan Unix will be able to provide individual and high-quality solutions – Today, tomorrow and under all circumstances.